About Us

Hatch & Latch was established in 2011. Today we are expanding our range, by adding more variety and innovative new items, to accommodate parents’ needs. Hatch and Latch founder Helen See is a mother of two gorgeous children, Drew (6 years old) and Dean (2 years old). She believes in helping mums find the best products available to make life easier. As a mother Helen knows how important it is to get the right products to suit your needs. Most products in the store are tested for quality and durability.


This website serves to be a lifestyle portal to meet the needs of mums and their babies. Currently carrying a variety of essentials and accessories for mums and their little ones, we are continually striving to bring in a greater variety of brands to widen our product range and provide an enjoyable shopping experience for all mums out there.


Coupled with our Facebook page and Instagram account, we also hope to offer a friendly and supportive environment for all mums and mums-to-be. Not only can mums look forward to interesting facts and useful parenting tips, we also have special deals for you!


Embark on a phenomenal and different parenting journey with us today!