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    SafeBond® Adhesive Features:
    • Safely adheres to belly for convenient on-the-go usage
    • Adhesives remove gently and cleanly from skin
    • Depending on usage, each adhesive pair lasts for 20-30 applications
    • Replacement pack includes 2 pairs of SafeBond® Adhesives, a one-month supply
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    Belly Buds

    Product Information
    ·        Discreet under clothing
    ·        Adjustable, comfortable and lightweight
    ·        Compatible with WavHello’s free VoiceShare mobile app
    ·        Easy-on, easy-off with no straps, belts, or buckles
    ·        Adheres to the skin with reusable, medical-grade, SafeBond® adhesives (replacement adhesives available separately)
    Product Includes
    ·        BellyBuds speakers
    ·        2 pairs of SafeBond® adhesives
    ·        Audio splitter
    ·        Storage pouch
    ·        Free digital album