• apple-tree-bm-storage

Apple Tree Breastmilk Storage Bottles


Blue Color

Product Description

  • Extra thick 100% virgin Polypropylene (PP) material body which has a heat resistance of up to 120’C
  • Customised bottle neck which is compatible with most breast pumps in the market.
  • Specially design for storing breast milk
  • Can be sterilised. Does not break easily. Safe & Non-toxic.
  • Perfect for refrigerator/freezer storage.
  • Specially designed streamline body shape cater for easy gripping & handling
  • Ideal for storing  & freezing breast milk, can also be used to store food & snacks
  • Graduated ounce / ml markings for accurate measuring
  • 1 box Contains:
    • 10 x high quality bottles
    • 10 x screw caps
    • 10 x sealing discs