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BellyBuds® SafeBond® Adhesives, Replacement Pack


SafeBond® Adhesive Features:

  • Safely adheres to belly for convenient on-the-go usage
  • Adhesives remove gently and cleanly from skin
  • Depending on usage, each adhesive pair lasts for 20-30 applications
  • Replacement pack includes 2 pairs of SafeBond® Adhesives, a one-month supply

Product Description

SafeBond® Adhesives

are designed specifically for BellyBuds® by WavHello a specialized speaker system that allows moms-to be to safely play sound to the womb.

These adhesives adhere safely to your baby bump, allowing you to play memory-shaping sounds to the newest addition to the family wherever you are. The adhesives remove gently and are completely reusable; most pairs typically last for 20-30 applications.