Apple Tree Ice Pack 3s

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  • For maintaining the product’s temperature that needs to be chilled or cold.
  • Professionally designed & produced for ice replacement which is reusable.
  • Non-toxic & safe to both humans and the environment.   

How to use::

  • Freeze appletree reusable ice pack horizontally in the freezer for a minimum of 8 hours prior to use.
  • Do not put the ice pack in a dishwasher. Manually clean only.


  • Do not swallow/eat the contents of this ice pack. This is not for human consumption or use as a therapeutic cold compress.
  • Do not place an ice pack in microwave or heat it in any way. This is ONLY for chilling purposes and not intended for therapeutic use.400

Service temperature: from - 5°C to ambient temperature.

For external use only.