Sitz Bath Spray
Sitz Bath Spray
Sitz Bath Spray

Sitz Bath Spray

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An essential item to have on hand after vaginal labor, Motherlove’s Sitz Bath Spray brings new moms the same relief as a traditional sitz bath, but in a convenient liquid spray bottle. This combination of herbs works together to soothe sore perineal muscles and provide cooling relief. New moms can spray the product directly on themselves as often as they like for cooling relief. For an inverted spray, simply remove the inner straw.


  • Herbal sitz bath on the go! No soaking required
  • Soothes sore perineal muscles after labor
  • Helps ease discomfort
  • Mama tip: spray on pads for a ‘padsicle’


Mama Tip: Spritz some Sitz Bath Spray on a reusable or maxi pad and put in your fridge or freezer before going into labor. Once baby arrives, wear the maxi pad for soothing, cooling relief, often referred to as a 'padsicle'. 


Suggested Use:

Spray on a maxi or reusable pad or directly on sore perineal muscles after childbirth as often as needed. Remove straw for an inverted spray.